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The Gardens of Spring Park

The Gardens Today

We started to plant out the gardens here at Spring Park in June 1992 with the first oval garden in the front of the property. Over the years we have added to the gardens with additional plantings. The gardens are home to some 1200 rose varieties and a bright and colourful collection of plants. Peak bloom time for the gardens start for the roses in mid November here and continue through to May. The garden always has something in bloom all year, there is also the Nursery which I call our potted garden which holds thousands of potted plants. If you are coming to see our Pacific Iris collection, they start to bloom from October and continue to November.

Early History

The Gardens at Spring Park Nursery started in 1992 carved out of a wild bush block that had a small clearing at the front of the property where once stood an old Homestead Called ‘Woodview’ this home was built by Snr Constable Richard Bourke who was Eganstown’s first policeman. Richard had a daughter Catherine who was to marry Dionigi (Denis) Morganti. When Snr Constable Bourke passed away Catherine and Denis Lived at ‘Woodview’ and raised their Family one son Mourice was born at this house. The Family moved to Melbourne for work with Denise becoming a conductor on the trains. During the First World War the house was used by family members to escape the City life of Melbourne. After the war the House was burgled and then burnt to the ground.


dionigi_morganti woodview-eganstown

Photo's courtesy of Anne Cloonan and the Morganti Family

This is an early view of the property it was not until 1988 when we built our family home after which the gardens were started. The first garden was the oval garden at the front of the house, which is home to almost 200 rose varieties.


The following views show the same area of the property over some of the early years.


early-block-2 early-block-3